Posted in Poems, Winter 2015 - 2016

What’s In A Word

This is the oldest, 

the strongest,

magic I know.

Start with a word, 

speak it aloud, 

watch it grow.

It will come to be, 

sometimes fast, 

sometimes slow.

In the beginning, 

the words made 

shape from shadow.

Now at the end, 

we are parted 

by the word “no.”

We walked together, hand in hand,

and you said, “This is good.” 

In that moment, I loved you so.

Kissing me over and over  

I thought this meant 

you were my beau.

But your words, 

cut like razors, 

as lies did flow.

Saying I was a friend, 

only a friend, 

filled me with woe.

What’s in a word,

from Heaven to Hell, 

a difference you bestow.

Nothing more clearly ended our life,

than when you called her your wife.

That was the final blow. 

For the word was the deed, 

now space I do need. 

Not hesitating to let go.

Let these words become true.

Let me be nothing to you, 

but someone who walks alone.



Carolyn E. Osiris = Openly seeking inquisitive, reverent, immortal souls. As a full time caretaker for my severely autistic son I don't get out much. That gives me all the more time for the journey inward towards self-realization. That's what I've been doing for most of my life really and the time has come for me to share.

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