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The Most Misplaced


Misplaced anger happens all the time,

the biggest surprise is the angrier I feel,

the more likely when I take a breath,

think about it.

The only one I am really anger at is me.

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How Peace is Made


I asked again and again

this tricky question.

Why do some wars go on

without ever seeming to end?


Old blood” was the answer

but I could not understand.

Why would any ancestor

not want fighting to end?


Old blood” the voice repeated.

I tried to comprehend,

some families fearing change,

won’t let tradition bend.


Old blood remembers feuds.

Old blood remembers pain.

Old blood fears being forgotten,

in peace it sees no gain.


The world becomes so harsh

when there are too many rules.

They separate pure hearts

lovers, unable to choose.


When being together openly

is a joy not allowed.

Life’s true purpose becomes lost,

like the sun behind grey clouds.


Is there no answer?

I asked again and again.

The answer is a tricky one,

it requires great leaps of faith.”


New blood is how peace is made.

New blood heals old wounds.

New blood remembers the good,

and lets go the chains of hate.


This is how peace is made,

when my children can love

your children, and marry

in union blessed by God above.


Then my precious grandchildren

who carry my ancestor’s blood,

are your beloved grandchildren,

that carry your ancestor’s blood.


At last my purpose is yours,

and your purpose is mine,

our ancestors must help us

for all the rest of time.


Keeping our grandchildren

happy, healthy and free

in a world of loving peace

shall our united purpose be.

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Do not touch the street my boy

my sweetest runner child,

it will only hurt you dear

its bite is never mild.


If you leave the driveway

you are at the world’s mercy

It took you to the hospital once

but not for an emergency.


You were just yourself

but they didn’t comprehend.

By the time I saw you were missing

they had taken you in.


A sight I shall not forget,

you strapped in the stretcher,

physically you were fine,

but spitting like a viper.


Six strong men struggled

just to hold you still.

The doctor hesitating to treat

you, so against your will.


How glad they were to see me!

How quick you settled down!

Never happier to see mommy!

never happier to be found.


That was the last big wander

but I know the street still calls.

So sad the thing you love so much

holds the most danger of all.


Please my lovely runner boy

do not touch the street.

Stay with me in our sanctuary

only leave it in your sleep.

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What’s In A Word

This is the oldest, 

the strongest,

magic I know.

Start with a word, 

speak it aloud, 

watch it grow.

It will come to be, 

sometimes fast, 

sometimes slow.

In the beginning, 

the words made 

shape from shadow.

Now at the end, 

we are parted 

by the word “no.”

We walked together, hand in hand,

and you said, “This is good.” 

In that moment, I loved you so.

Kissing me over and over  

I thought this meant 

you were my beau.

But your words, 

cut like razors, 

as lies did flow.

Saying I was a friend, 

only a friend, 

filled me with woe.

What’s in a word,

from Heaven to Hell, 

a difference you bestow.

Nothing more clearly ended our life,

than when you called her your wife.

That was the final blow. 

For the word was the deed, 

now space I do need. 

Not hesitating to let go.

Let these words become true.

Let me be nothing to you, 

but someone who walks alone.

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Pieces of Leisure

These are moments I must Treasure

your voice gives me such pleasure

so strong it sounds even at leisure

Listening to you read how to measure

medicine for high blood pressure

my heart is yours for certain

We met at the bus stop huddled under

standing close to escape the weather

as the rain fell ever faster

trying not to get any wetter

my heart awoke at your laughter

having forgotten love can be pleasure

Before that day I felt deader

than a corpse breathing never

I felt doomed alone to wander

each day a little sadder

a bouquet of tears did I gather

My heart is alive that is certain

Happiness is riding this bus together

looking down at abandoned papers

your eyelashes thick as black feathers

as you practice reading every letter

your English is getting much better

A precious gift, this moment of leisure

My soul flies like a bird

as I sit with you, a Kurd

my respect for you is assured

how did you survive and inure

yourself to so many murdered

a war so long, violence beyond measure

I know life is sure to sever

our differences push like a lever

they cause my hopes and heart to waver

though I want not to hurt you ever

no happiness lasts forever

love breaks often under pressure

I am certain too much pressure kills all pleasure

no matter the measure that we treasure.

Please enjoy these pieces of leisure

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Words I Cannot Speak

These are words I can not speak

People think I am crazy because

I walk alone at night, seemingly unafraid

but my thinking is this

If I am raped robbed or killed by a stranger

it is ok because

a stranger can only hurt my body

But there are worse things

if I am attacked by someone I trust

my father brother or husband

it will be my heart spirit and soul

that become damaged broken empty

I can not relive that nightmare

there are no wounds or scars to see

but they are there

So long as you are a stranger

I feel safe, as safe as I can anyways

but if I should come to care

to trust and to love you

I am terrified, all my broken cracks show

I fall apart merely out of fear

and Memory

These are the words I can not speak

to say them aloud

would be to admit defeat