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Protect the Protectors

The veterans who stand for standing rock are asked to bring a Panoply of protective gear: body armor, helmets, ear plugs and gas masks in case of attack by humans and hats, parkas, mittens, gloves, boots and socks to insulate from the cold. Today they arrive, tomorrow they protect the water protectors.

I pray that this will be one  more step that brings us closer to making Crazy Horse’s final vision reality.

The Teton Sioux Chief Crazy Horse had a final vision in which “He saw his people being driven into spiritual darkness and poverty while the white people prospered in a material way all around them. But even in the darkest times, he saw that the eyes of a few of his people kept the light of dawn and the wisdom of the earth, which they passed on to some of their grandchildren. He saw the coming of automobiles and airplanes, and twice he saw the great darkness and heard the screams and explosions when millions of people died in two great world wars. 

“But he saw, after the second great war passed, a time come when his people began to awaken, not all at once, but a few here and there, and then more and more, and he saw that they were dancing in a beautiful light of the Spirit World under the Sacred Tree even while still on Earth. Then he was amazed to see that dancing under the tree were representatives of all races who had become brothers, and he realized that the world would be made new again and in peace and harmony not just by his people, but by members of all races of mankind.”


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Tree of Life

It felt strange to Construct this little bit of holiday decoration. I kept hearing a voice sarcastically say:

I hope my dying won’t ruin your Christmas.

Of course it will ruin the holidays. I replied. I am terrified for what may happen December Fifth. If anyone tries to remove the Indigenous People, the water protectors from their camp, how can any of us celebrate the holidays. Though I can not travel there, my spirit stands with Standing Rock.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Man

How hollow those Christian words sound now. How can the bells toll with hope?  Where is Good King Wenceslas? Surely he would stop this madness of removing people from there lodgings in winter’s cold.

But Christmas is a strange holiday. Though it is celebrated by Christians the world over, its roots are unmistakably Pagan. The tree I made with lights, is in my heart symbolic of the trees my Druidic ancestors would have worshiped and of the Tree of Life  that is present in ancient religions all over the world. Yggdrasil my Norse ancestors called it.

When my Druidic and Germanic ancestors were converted to Christianity, they kept faith with the Tree of Life  by making it part of the Christmas Holiday. Thus they kept alive a tiny portion of my own lost Indigenous culture.

It is for those ancestors I light these lights. In prayer for peace, I remember we were all an Indigenous People somewhere once. The star atop stands for the hope that:

“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;

The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,

With peace on earth, good-will to men.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


Please don’t let anyone die, please.

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I hear the echo all the stronger

as people argue yell and fight.

The murmuring of myriad voices

even in the still of night.

I feel them wash over me

granting bits of foresight.

What good does it do?


People are moving mountains.

Others can’t see but I can feel it.

The pushing of yang, the pulling of yin.

For every action, there is a reaction.

The force that makes the earth spin.

Too much will make the earth shake.

What will you do then?


Justice is a cry always answered.

But not how most expect.

It waits patiently whispering.

Watching the world neglect

their countless opportunities.

To learn to have respect.

Is is too late now?


If fracking increases seismic activity?

And millions live in metropolises

near fault lines by the sea.

Then how many lives will be lost

when retribution is set free

and by the law of inertia

one quake leads to another?



Millions die everyday

when a heart is broke.

No weapon greater needed

than an unkind word spoke.

A heavy burden awaits

each and every keystroke.

Can I say it well?


I do not believe every prophecy

but I listen carefully

and search for what makes sense to me

The black snake Dakota Pipeline

made clear, the connetion is money

between fracking and the metropolis,

Tokyo, between the mountain and the sea.


Now mankind has to learn this is our only home

we must treat it well, we won’t get another.

Bankers in Tokyo, what will you do?