Posted in Fall 2016, Fate, poetry



I hear the echo all the stronger

as people argue yell and fight.

The murmuring of myriad voices

even in the still of night.

I feel them wash over me

granting bits of foresight.

What good does it do?


People are moving mountains.

Others can’t see but I can feel it.

The pushing of yang, the pulling of yin.

For every action, there is a reaction.

The force that makes the earth spin.

Too much will make the earth shake.

What will you do then?


Justice is a cry always answered.

But not how most expect.

It waits patiently whispering.

Watching the world neglect

their countless opportunities.

To learn to have respect.

Is is too late now?


If fracking increases seismic activity?

And millions live in metropolises

near fault lines by the sea.

Then how many lives will be lost

when retribution is set free

and by the law of inertia

one quake leads to another?



Millions die everyday

when a heart is broke.

No weapon greater needed

than an unkind word spoke.

A heavy burden awaits

each and every keystroke.

Can I say it well?


I do not believe every prophecy

but I listen carefully

and search for what makes sense to me

The black snake Dakota Pipeline

made clear, the connetion is money

between fracking and the metropolis,

Tokyo, between the mountain and the sea.


Now mankind has to learn this is our only home

we must treat it well, we won’t get another.

Bankers in Tokyo, what will you do?