Almost time, praying for you, to live a whole and happy life, but if you must die, die well.

I have seen the other side and it makes all the difference how you die. Die with love in your heart and it lifts your soul, like a helium balloon, straight to heaven. To die with love, honor and purpose, you must embrace life with love, honor and purpose.

Confess I fear it is too late. If I read the clues in my dream right, this January is the time of judgement starting with the most populous and modern cities of the world.

I saw a great metropolis with mountains to the west and the Pacific ocean to the east buried by a combination of earthquake, landslide and volcanic eruption. I felt millions dying, suffocating in the mass grave that had been a shining megalopolis only hours before.


At first I prayed for it not to happen, but was told

These millions must die to save billions later.

I was shown an unprecedented thing, a gathering of native peoples who Cherish the earth. They came together and celebrated the Communal way of life that was their Inheritance. They were protesting the desecration of their sacred land and thereby the rape of mother earth. This was the final blow, the last straw. If humans will not listen when the indigenous people of the world come together from across and beyond continents, from around the world, then the earth will defend herself. Not immediately, the earth has her own timetable, but about a year later.


It was when I saw the No DAPL protests last year, and the chart of banks supplying it that I was convinced. Tokyo banks supplied over a billion dollars to the pipeline itself and now the one year anniversary of the desecration of sacred lands to finish the pipeline is almost here.

Both horrible and Miraculous, it would be if those deaths could change the world, bring peace on earth and teach us, humans to hear the spirits Calling.  I can pray neither for nor against this disaster, I can only pray that if it does happen, that the world will learn.



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