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The Luxury of Time

Slowly, Luxury

Often I wish I could give the gift not of time but of the enjoyment of time. Telling everyone:

“Take pleasure in all that you do.”

Today so much time seems wasted on commuting in cars, judging the lives of strangers and trying to escape from a life without meaning.

What would it be like to live slowly? How much time would be saved if everybody worked within easy walking distance? If we only socialized to let others know when something big happened in our own lives and skipped judging strangers, how much more time would we have to spend loving each moment? What if we unplugged and relaxed by meditating in gardens instead of gaming and watching a screen, how much more awake, aware and alive would we be?

Digital Camera
July 2016

I am lucky to have time to sit under the shade of trees and hear them whisper of

the luxury of time and the joy of a life lived slowly.

Feeling the earth beneath me and knowing this is what connects us all more deeply than any words I can type.