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Why Moon Children Hear Voices

Today being the full moon (sap moon) I thought it was time to share a little moon magic.

When the voice in my dream told me that I was chosen because I was a moon child, saying the others I had suggested were star children I didn’t know what it meant. First I thought of astrology but I decided that could not be what it meant. While those born in the sign of Cancer are called moon children, I had never heard the other signs called star children.

It was a poem that brought me my first inspiration.

The night has a thousand eyes,

And the day but one;

Yet the light of the bright world dies

With the dying sun.

The mind has a thousand eyes,

And the heart but one:

Yet the light of a whole life dies

When love is done. – Francis William Bourdillion

When it mentioned the life dying with the sun. It reminded me of how the Egyptians thought that when the sun went down it traveled to the land of the dead. Looking at the poem a second time I felt a little sad that it made no mention of the moon. Like a bolt of lightening, I got it. If you imagine the sun going down to the land of the dead and then the moon comes rises shining bright. Though the moon shines bright, it does not shine with its own light. The moon reflects the light of the sun, even when it is on the other side of the world.

The sun is a star, a star so close and so bright that in the day no sun can be seen. That was what was meant by star children. Star children are people who shine brightly with there own light and while that brightness makes them likeable and easy to understand and get to know, it also blots out the light of other entities around them. Entities like the dead.

But the moon child is shy and deep and seems moody. The moon child appears to brood alone. They are never alone. They hear voices and see things and if they chose to reflect them, they can shine with the reflected light of other people. It is natural for other people to be confused or feel uncomfortable, to call the moon child moody. The moon child is often confused too just more comfortable with it as they likely have always been this way.

As to astrology, just a few years ago while doing my chart, I found I had Mercury in Cancer. Mercury represents the microphone with which we speak to the world. However when Mercury is in Cancer it can switches from a microphone to a receiver and hears what others can’t.

But I ask no one not to question my sources, it is ever my intention to inspire others to question and listen and find their own truth.

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Why the Civil War Lasted So Long

Everybody knows the American Civil War was the war to free the slaves right? No, it wasn’t. Until I watched the full Ken Burn’s documentary last fall with my son, I had not realized how long it took for Lincoln and the rest of the North to pass the Emancipation Proclamation. The War began on April 12, 1861 but the slaves weren’t freed until January 1, 1863 and was clearly passed to be a punitive measure against the Confederate states for rebelling, since it only freed slaves in Confederate states. So for almost the first twenty months the American Civil War was not about slavery but about preserving the Union. Had the war been won then, as I learned it easily could have, the slaves would not have been freed.

“If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong . . . And yet I have never understood that the Presidency conferred upon me an unrestricted right to act officially upon this judgment and feeling . . . I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me.”- Abraham Lincoln

While my son repeated over and over how sad it was that the war did not end that first year as it could have, had McClellan actually tried to win. I sat amazed to think what if we had won then? Would we have ever abolished slavery? Fortunately McClellan was such a failure it is a wonder that he was not tried for treason. He, a General of the Union Army, was so against the war that he ran against Lincoln in 1864. McClellan, himself saw slavery as a right guaranteed in the constitution. In running against Lincoln, he promised to end the war and negotiate with the Confederacy.

But his failures as a General helped the antislavery movement. Determined to win the war Northern Republicans, suggested emancipation as the key to undermining the South’s manpower. It encouraged slaves to join the Union and even to join the Union army. It also ended the likelihood that Britain or France might aid the Confederates since both countries were against slavery.

From a spiritual point of view I couldn’t help thinking it was fate that kept McClellan blundering about, lengthening the war, until the Emancipation Proclamation had been issued. Of course by that time both sides had dug in to the point neither could have an easy victory. Still looking at the cost in human lives, while 620,000 soldiers died in the American Civil War, this number is tiny compared to the estimated 2 million slaves that died in the middle passage. Just getting to the Americas was murder on an astounding scale. I do not think we are done yet, paying for these crimes. But I like to think we are beginning to see that what seemed like cheap labor at the time was incredibly costly to our spiritual growth and dignity.

I have rarely felt so certain that God was there, than when watching the documentary and seeing how the North failed again and again to win battles and reunite the Union without facing the issue of slavery. I can not believe anymore that wars are won with weapons alone. In the long run the pen is mightier than the sword and the heart more powerful than the fist.

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Why You Get What You Pay For

In the Japanese Anime “Full Metal Alchemist: the Brotherhood” it is called the “Law of Equivalent Exchange”, in XXXholic, the main character loses one eye and almost his life because he tries to give too much away. In my own western, mostly Christian upbringing it is hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that giving away too much can be seen as bad. Through them I have come to see there is a price for everything.

Ask and you shall receive,” that was the idea that I was brought up with and I can’t say I ever found it untrue. I can count far more wishes granted and questions answered than not. But can I say I didn’t pay for everything I got? No. Of course I always lived with a sense of duty, I didn’t pay because I had to, I paid because I could. In a spiritual sense, paying for the gifts I got came naturally. Most of the time it is easy to do.

The hardest thing I have ever had to pay for was food stamps, that is because the process for getting them is so complicated and had to be repeated so many times over the years that I realized I was paying a price I couldn’t afford, in dignity. It doesn’t seem like a necessity until you’ve lost so much over the years that you can’t remember what it felt like to have pride in yourself.

Everybody pays for their lives and lifestyles, each in their own way. Money is only one type of currency; time, respect, control, kindness and loyalty are others. We used to believe that the air we breath was free, but it comes at the price of respecting trees and the rainforests, and of regulating air pollution. The same goes for the water and the earth we stand on. Without respect for the natural world, life is not free. Babies are born terribly malformed in countries where mercury poisons are used to extract gold.

Sometimes it is overwhelming to look at the cost of taking care of this world, but it really does start with one word, respect, first for yourself, then for a friend, little by little, one step at a time. Like love and understanding respect grows, the more you give it, the more you get back.

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Why (Some) Martyrs Make Monsters

In my life, I have come across two kinds of angry people, the ones who are angry until you cry and the ones who get angry when you cry. Stay away from the former if you can, they are the ones who have to dominate you, your tears and fear appease them only temporarily. As soon as you stand up for yourself, they will attack again. But the ones who get angry when you cry, I have found, are the ones that care.

I was twelve when my older mentally challenged cousin got angry at me for putting my hand in his pie. He had been chasing me all over the house, while our extended family gathered to mourn my uncle’s death. No one would help. Finally when he chased me into a dark bedroom, I was scared and shoved him, trying to get away. My hand landed in the piece of pie he’d been carrying. He got all upset about it and talked like I had done something terrible. My hope that it would at least get him to leave me alone died as he again followed me everywhere, angrily telling me, I owed him an apology.

Eventually, I gave up and sat a careful distance from him, in a room with two exits. As we sat I became aware he was telling me something important. “You don’t know what it is like to have everybody treat you like a monster,” he began. He went on to tell a very sad story of how he tried to be helpful and tried to make friends, but people were afraid of him. People misunderstood him. Listening to him I realized we had something in common. We both felt misunderstood because we had such a strong passionate need to love and feel loved.

That speech helped me to see that the outbursts of one of my brothers, and the tantrums of my children were connected to my own tears. These were the people who loved me and they couldn’t stand to see me give up. In my fear, I did not even think to give them a way to help me. I just broke down and cried. Now I know when someone gets angry at me for being sad, what they really want is to know how to help.

I was accused of being a martyr when I wanted to devote myself to working with my sons, that social worker was wrong, she didn’t see how happy it made me. I wanted to work with my son because I knew it was my destiny. But when I ended up being the one to take care of my mother, alone, for almost ten years, that was my true mistake of martyrdom. Trying to care for both my autistic children and my elderly mother alone was too much.

My severely autistic son knew it and that was why he became violent when I broke down and cried. I’m sorry to say it took me awhile to see it, but once I did, the knowledge gave me the power to stop the violence. He was angry because he saw me tearing myself apart.

I’ve learned that taking care of myself isn’t selfish. It’s how I repay the people who care about me. Being a person who is passionate about causes and ideas is fine as long as it makes you happy, when it makes you sad, it’s time to take a step back and ask for help.

In my life, I have come across two kinds of martyrs, the joyful kind who follow their path, showing us that suffering is an illusion and the miserable kind who suffer, spreading sorrow and frustration. But it’s no wonder the word causes confusion, just look at the definition.

martyr |ˈmärtər|
a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs: saints, martyrs, and witnesses to the faith.
• a person who displays or exaggerates their discomfort or distress in order to obtain sympathy or admiration: she wanted to play the martyr.
• (martyr to) a constant sufferer from (an ailment): I’m a martyr to migraines! -New Oxford American Dictionary 

Which are the real martyrs? I prefer the first kind, passionate people following their strongly held religious or moral convictions not by purposely hurting themselves but by clearly helping others and enjoying it. These are the people I call saints and angels.  As for the latter, I will not let them make me a monster, instead I remember that we all make cages of our own design. It is up to them to free themselves. I can only be responsible for my own happiness.

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Why Obi-Wan Was More Powerful Dead

If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine,” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

Why?” my son asked me as we enjoyed reliving the first Star Wars movie. “Why would he be more powerful dead?”

I smiled, a little embarrassed. I love it when he asks me stuff like this. He knows I will answer. Because Luke was alive is the short answer. That’s not enough for him, so I dive into the long answer.

First we must ask, does Obi-Wan actually become more powerful. Too be honest I think the movies do a poor job of showing or explaining it, but that’s not important. I have to answer based on the rules I know about life, death, and spiritual power. Is he more powerful dead than alive?

In truth every dead person, demon, angel and even God has told me I was far more powerful alive. They have all insisted it is my being alive and able to commune with spirits that makes me special.

There are two situations I know of where a being might be more powerful dead than alive. Martyrdom, to die for what you believe in, is already well known to inspire armies to battle. The situation does matter though, as was questioned in the case of Thomas Beckett. Personally I favor Beckett, he was unarmed, he was praying, he had exercised his free-will to believe what he felt was true. The King did not have to have him killed, he could have imprisoned Beckett or banished Beckett.

While Obi-Wan did turn off his lightsaber and seems to surrender to Darth Vader, I can’t call him a martyr. His goal was to help the Rebel Alliance destroy the Death Star and noble as that may seem to some, that Death Star was filled with men, Stormtroopers yes, but still men. When it comes to spiritual power, killing is still killing, no matter how righteous you may think your cause is. Believing that the end justifies the means is the path to darkness every time. A message I desperately wish I could tell anyone considering being a suicide bomber, you can’t be a martyr if you willingly kill anyone including yourself. Every murder you commit will weigh down your soul like rocks in the stomach of Red Riding Hood’s wolf.

So we are left to look at the other way a person can become more powerful dead. The other way is to be linked with an empathic living person. You are not actually more powerful, but the living person you link to is. In the story Obi-Wan failed his apprentice Anakin. He needed redemption, by surrendering his spiritual energy to Anakin’s son, Obi-Wan would have become more powerful simply because he had partially redeemed himself by becoming the servant of the son of the man he failed and betrayed. Luke wasn’t just the savior of his father, he saved Obi-Wan too. Luke’s trusting nature was the key. His innocence and and belief in others brought out the best in everyone around him. Had Obi-Wan lived and tried to teach Luke himself he would have corrupted that innocence, only by giving complete control to Luke could he keep his own cynicism and fear from staining the boy. Yes, he was more powerful dead.

I think my son is sorry he asked now. He says he still doesn’t get it.

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Why Women Should be Educated

When you educate a man, you educate one man. When you educate a woman, you educate a whole family.” – my grandmother

If only my mother or grandmother had told me this when I was young, I would have known why I needed to go to college. I was raised by others and television, it wasn’t until my daughter was starting school I heard my mother say this quote. To adapt it to the times I say:

When you educate a wage-earner you educate one person, but when you educate a homemaker you educate a whole family.” – Carolyne Osiris

Women around the world are more often the, homemakers and caregivers, and as such, educating them is invaluable.

First there is the teaching of the children. In my college education class, I learned that part of why I’d had such an advantage in school over my classmates was because I came from college educated parents. My mother has a doctorate in educational psychology, which helped me when I was learned about my sons’ autism. I got so much bad advice in the beginning and I credit the scientific method and psychology basics she taught me with helping me to weed out the fallacies from the facts.

My mother credited her parents with giving her a good foundation. My grandparents were college educated and all of their children, my aunts and uncles benefited from that. They all attended universities and were free to study what they loved. It wasn’t about getting a high paying job. It was about being a well-rounded, learned individual. Despite her degree, my grandmother stayed home and raised those children herself.

As a child, when my mother changed schools and might have fallen behind, my grandmother worked with my mother to get her caught up and my grandfather used the activity of building a beach house to give my mother a lesson in geometry she never forgot.

My oldest uncle showed eccentric tendencies. He insisted that the longest word should go on the longest line on a work sheet. Fortunately his mother was there to help him. She made sure he understood the directions. He became a professor and scientist of nuclear fusion.

My grandmother’s mother had studied nursing, (the only way a woman could get an advanced degree in her day.) It was hugely useful though since she her oldest child was an invalid. My grandfather’s mother went to college and the art classes she took led her to get work making illustrations, which likely helped her family since she was a widow. My grandfather’s father had died when he was a baby.

Which brings us to the second reason why women/ homemakers need to be educated.

They need to get an education because you never know what will happen. Though relying on the charity of other’s is unavoidable at times, the more educated a person is the better their chances of being able to make good decisions, keep their family together and find alternate ways of supporting themselves.

Next, in uncertain times when schools may have to shut down, for natural disasters or terrorist threats, a parent who can keep the kids occupied and entertained by sharing their own knowledge negates the worst of the damage and provides an opportunity to strengthen family ties. Even when schools are open, many are struggling. Good teachers are being overworked and stretched to the limit. The “no  child left behind act” decimated special education resources in the United States. An educated, non-working parent is a priceless resource not only to their family, but also to the schools at which they may volunteer.

Most important though is the resource of an educated homemaker who is able to help their community.  My grandfather’s grandmother was so beloved and admired for her charitable work in the Washington D.C. community, a booklet biography was made at her death. In it, I and my family are able to read not only of how she was among the first women to attend Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, but more importantly of the many ways she contributed to her community. A volunteer nurse during the Civil war she worked tirelessly to improve the situations of those around her. From orphans and women inmates, suffrage and the sanitary commission, to the establishment of churches, schools and kindergartens, she contributed to all with dedicated devotion. Being well educated helped enable her to do it.


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Why Frodo Couldn’t Fly to Mordor

Do you suppose when Gandalf said “Fly you fools,” he meant for them to get the eagles to fly them to Mt. Doom?”

It’s a pretty good joke for fan’s of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. (Flee being a common definition for the word fly.) But as a devoted lover of the books (and movies) as well as a fan of British Mythos, I know the answer all too well to laugh. It is not the destination nor the winning in the end that denotes victory in good literature. It is the lessons learned upon the winding path that transform the orphan boy into the king, the clumsy peasant into hero, and wise wanderer into supernatural spirit. This is found in Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books and most interpretations of the King Arthur legends, as well as Tolkien’s trilogy. (Plus the Nazgul would have taken down the giant eagles before they reached Orodruin if Eowyn hadn’t defeated their Witch-king first.)

The art of Feng shui teaches a similar lesson in the importance of making a path that twists and turns slow but steady. A straight path moves too fast. Both wind and water that move too fast are destructive. Tornados and floods result from wind and water that build up momentum moving without barriers across great distances.

So too, is it true in life that the wise seek to improve, change and grow slowly, naturally in tune with the seasons. With reverence for those who go before and mindful of those that follow we in whose hands the fate of this world rests need not rush to save the world all at once, nor alone. Walking sure and steady encouraging others to join our march is the way.

If the giant eagles had successfully flown Frodo to Mt. Doom, they alone would have been the heroes and all the glory of the triumph of light over dark, good versus evil would belong to them. Instead through the company’s struggle “The Lord of the Rings” is filled with heroes of all shapes and sizes, no one single character stands alone. Frodo is carried by Samwise and Gollum destroys the ring. While Aragorn raises the army of the dead, and Peregrin helps Gandalf to save Faramir, it is the courage of a woman, Eowyn and a hobbit, Meridoc that brings down the Witch-king. Thus the story’s victory of good conquering evil is shared by all and glorifies the contributions of the smallest as much of the greatest.

So it is today as we pray to God and his angels (with wings like eagles) to save us, that the wise know in their hearts, when He lets us fall, it is because He know we are capable of so much more. Like a parent watching their child take those first steps, He knows He must let go or we will never learn to walk much less fly.

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Why Heaven Needs Angels

I became a big watcher of shows on hauntings and other ghost stuff back at the beginning of the millennium. What I wanted was to know why I only dreamed about ghosts but didn’t see them when awake. Ghosts, I learned, would rather visit us in dreams. It is easier for them and it is less scary for us, so we listen better. It was watching those shows that I learned something that I did not expect. I learned why heaven needs angels and how spirit healers might save the world.

While most of the evidence in ghost stories is eyewitness testimony or reading of psychics, they also brought in some techno-savvy ghost hunters who would measure for magnetic anomalies. They had special cameras that caught electromagnetic images of floating orbs.

It was the electromagnetic orbs that set off a spark in my mind

You see I had also been looking up Edgar Cayce prophecies trying to figure out how to know if a prophetic dream was real and what to do with it. I came across one of his predictions that said the magnetic field that protects the earth from harmful radiation would weaken.

I didn’t need to look up why the magnetic field is important. I remembered from childhood , how similar Mars is to Earth. That if Mars had a magnetic field to protect it, life on Mars was likely. Mars lost its shield, no one knows how. It is also not known what causes our magnetic shield to fluctuate or weaken as it has. Most theories focus on the earth’s electrical currents at the core and it is being studied.

But what if those electromagnetic orbs had something to do with it? The image of angels in heaven, floating on clouds, looking down on their loved ones changes scope completely. I have been told that in Hindu philosophy, though the gods are awesomely powerful, they generally don’t bother with human affairs because they have far larger concerns like keeping the universe running. Maybe the reason the angels in heaven rarely visit is because they are busy protecting the earth from a solar wind that could wipe out the planet.

All of a sudden, I realized that helping those dead people I met in my dreams could be a lot more important than I had ever imagined. What if the reason the earth’s magnetic shield is so weak is because too many souls are earth bound? What if the earth’s core and the earth’s shield need balance to work? Balance is the key to life in Tao. But if the number of earth bound spirits is too many for spirit healers to free to maintain balance could that cause the weakening scientists have observed?

That was one of the many things I saw when I looked in His eye, its not enough to be a spirit healer myself. There are not enough of us. I was not sent to the buried metropolis in a dream to save the lives of those people. I was sent in that dream to prepare myself to gather millions of souls all at once, purify them and with the help of a typhoon arriving three days later to send them straight to heaven. Those millions sacrificed would save billions later, I had been told. Now it makes sense.

(20/ 734)

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Why I Believe in Astrology

We know that in ancient times the skies were studied to mark the passage of time. Calenders based on the sun and moon are still used today. It is my belief that in those prehistoric times, the beginning of astrology, people got to know each other better than today. After all back then they wouldn’t have had libraries full of books to lose themselves in, much less movies, and video games. They would have gotten to know each other with conversation, body language, playing games together and storytelling. People back then also would not spend as much time traveling to see the world. No, in the beginning most of humankind stayed home a lot or if they migrated then they traveled together as a clan or tribe. They watched the stars and they got to know not only each other quite well but they also had a lot of time to get to know themselves too. Ever spend a day alone doing nothing but manual labor? It gives you so much time to think about the really big questions.

I think some of our ancestors noticed that people born at the same time of year shared certain characteristics. As time went on and civilization grew, the knowledge was shared. Shamans , priestesses and priests became the highest of positions. The spiritual leaders needed to help people find their way and their optimal place in the group. They made studying different peoples personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, a serious profession. Eventually someone wrote it down and astrology was born.

Whether or not it is the stars or planets that affect us, I don’t know. For me that becomes irrelevant, due to my beliefs in a higher power, the collective unconscious and reincarnation.

I have often heard it said that the biggest problem with reincarnation is that the new self, having no memory of their earlier self, must start all over to discover our souls true destiny. But what if in between one life and the next a person was conscious of deciding the role they need to take, as is suggested in Brian L. Weiss’ book Many Lives Many Masters? If it is possible to choose, between lives, what your next necessary journey is and with whom you will take it, would you not choose to be born at a time that allowed you to find your path quicker through astrology?

As to that higher power, God, were not the births of both Moses and Jesus supposed to have been predicted by the stars. I think God wants to help all of us to find our own destiny. He above all else, knows the ways of the stars and planets well enough to see to it we are born when and where we are most needed.

I do not however feel that astrology is meant to be used to predict the future. The future is always changing, the best psychic can not see all. Every moment of everyday you have the power to divert the flow of fate and determine your own destiny. What I have found astrology most useful for is to get to know yourself and to understand the people around you. Many people give up because there are so many signs, planets and houses to learn. There is Western astrology (with Greek-Roman roots) which focuses on the individual character of a person and Eastern astrology (Chinese) which focuses on the role each person takes in a group (and recently I saw a chart which was new to me on my fellow blogger Vibrant‘s page which I am very curious about.)

But think about how complex the human psyche is, much less the immortal soul, and it’s no wonder astrology is so complicated.

(For a quick and easy “taste” of well done astrology, I recommend looking for“The Secret Language of Birthdays” by Gary Goldscheider and Joost Eiffers at your local library . Before my daughter found this resource at our library I had given up on astrology, it was too complicated, vague and contradictory. This book turned that all around for me. We bought the three volume set the Secret Language of Birthdays, Relationships, and Destiny and use them frequently when trying to understand the people around us.)


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Why Snow is Magic

In childhood, I felt that snow was magic simply because it was so beautiful. I love to watch it fall, and then everything looks different, beautiful and transformed. How could that not be magic?

You can see its effect in many movies. In “The Wizard of Oz” Glinda the Good Witch uses it to counteract the poisonous poppies of the Wicked Witch of the West. In “It’s a Wonderful Life”, snow fall which was eerily absent during his “you’ve never been born” scenes, returns when George takes back his wish. My personal favorite though is “Groundhog Day” in which weatherman Phil finally stops the endless nightmare of reliving the same day over and over by learning to live that day to its fullest potential. The audience knows he has won when after kissing Rita (having earned her admiration honestly instead of deceitfully), it begins to snow.

There is also Christmas Snow which somehow is supposed to make the holiday magical, but I always wondered why. At first the best I could come up with was when I read that while Native Americans might hunt in the snow, animals being easy to track, they rarely went on raids or made war then for the same reason. Tracks in the snow are easy to follow. Of course, if a snow storm or blizzard is brewing, a person risks their life going out at all. It wasn’t much but it would certainly back up the Christmas wish for “Peace on Earth” if snow was seen as a force to make war less palatable. Thereby the falling of snow could be seen as a sign of God’s own desire for humans to live in peace and to help each other. I liked that idea, but I still felt there was something more, something deeper and older yet to be learned from snow.

Then I dreamed a shaman summoned me back in time thousands of years and I realized what it was. I had read that in order to become aware of one’s spiritual self a person needs to enter into an altered state of consciousness. Meditation, fasting, chanting, staring into fire and drug or alcohol use are all ways to alter consciousness and for the most part they are all intentional. Epileptic seizures, disease and traumatic experience are some unintentional. But there is one way to alter consciousness that everybody does, that everybody needs to do, sleep.

Sleep is the most natural and unavoidable altered state that almost every living thing experiences. Even trees are said to “sleep” in winter when it snows. Bears, squirrels, even frogs hibernate, surely that is a truly altered state. Prehistoric humans, too, would have had to adapt by sleeping more in the winter, (as well as probably fasting and staring into the fire a lot.) And sleeping in the winter, in a home surrounded by ever deepening snow in unlike sleeping any other time. It gets so quiet. All of nature seems to be sleeping too. If ever there is a natural time for the collective subconscious to gather more spiritual energy and information for sharing with the astral traveler it is when the deep snow traps so many earthly bodies (man, plant and animal) and their souls are free to wander.

Digital Camera
Does sleeping so much give cats spiritual energy?

If so, it is no coincidence that the civilizations that built Cahokia (in the midwest, U.S.) and Stonehenge (England) both built such amazing structures yet never developed written language. For they would have known that no knowledge can be lost that may not be found again, in the snow.

(729 days)