Winter 2016

These are the categories I picked to get me started Winter 2016. They worked well to start with, but now I need to loosen things up a bit for Spring. 

Society Sunday

This is the day I like to look at the labels we use to describe religions, philosophies, and groups of people.

Me Monday

Originally I had planned this one to be where I talk about my life a little more in terms of the present. The problem is I don’t like to talk much about the present. I like to take my time to be in the present without judging it and decide what lesson I learned later. So for now this is more of a Me Potpourri — random stuff .

Text Tuesday

Right now I am going through the ten commandments from the New King James Bible and the New International Bible. I spent a lot of time debating these as a child so it seemed appropriate to start there. I plan to move on to the twenty Yamas and Ni-Yamas from the book Yoga’s Forgotten Foundations, and I would like to do the five pillars in the Quran, too.

Why? Wednesday

On this day I pick something that for me has a special formerly secret meaning and I explain Why I gave it that special meaning. (This one is likely to get more challenging trying to explain my weirdness and what if I run out of weird stuff?)

Thankful Thursday

This is my day to thank as many of the amazing and inspirational people who have influenced my life as I can. I don’t expect to run out of them any time soon.

Fateful Friday

I like to think about the possibility that Obi-wan was right when he said, “In my experience, there’s no such thing is luck.” But if there is no such thing as luck or coincidence then why . . . This is the day I look for the strings of fate. For now I have focused on my own life but eventually I would like to turn it outward and look at history.

Sacred Saturday

I chose to hold the seventh day sacred. This day I don’t want to speak for myself but rather focus on the stories of those who come to me, who haunt me. I’ve never counted them. I don’t know how many I will remember, for now I have several to start with.