Seeking Harmony

I haven’t written for so long. I am all torn up inside about the seeming inevitable creation of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Monday, on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the US, another clash occurred. Don’t expect to find out much from national media, once again, they weren’t there. They all went home after the Army Corp of engineers denied the easement that was needed to legally build the pipeline. But the pipeline is still being built. And all those militarized police? Instead of doing anything to stop this illegal pipeline, they are shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at unarmed water protectors, one woman was hospitalized after being hit by a police officer on a snowmobile.

The water protectors are still there, praying, with or without media coverage.

But today’s word is Aesthetic and I found it just now in a pair of photos on a site called Native Paths. The site explains the history of the American genocide of the Indigeous People of these United States.


I find the tipi’s beautiful, little mountains on the prairie. They are aerodynamically safer in tornados and high winds than modern rectangular homes. So in harmony with nature, what was the matter with the men who tried to change these people, who attempted to get rid of such a creative, natural and gentle people? How could they not see the beauty of such a rich and independant way of life?

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  1. wordswooer says:

    Feel really sorry for those people!


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