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Welcome to My Jungle

Vegetal Chaos

Where is my garden?

Digital Camera
October 2016

It was so neat last spring.

Digital Camera
May 2016

Now it looks like a game of hide and seek.

Digital Camera
Can you find swiss chard, chives, marigolds, catnip,cabbage, pumpkin  and a pepper plant?

Found you!



Carolyn E. Osiris = Openly seeking inquisitive, reverent, immortal souls. As a full time caretaker for my severely autistic son I don't get out much. That gives me all the more time for the journey inward towards self-realization. That's what I've been doing for most of my life really and the time has come for me to share.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to My Jungle

  1. I can totally relate. I couldn’t find my garden at the end of the season this year either. Now that everything has been killed by the frost except for the lemon balm, I plan to cover the ground in the horse manure and rotted hay I have set aside just for that reason. I have high hopes for next season!

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    1. Good for you. I think of it as a learning process, each year I learn something new to make next years garden better. This year I saw the difference in using my compost dirt to fertilize. The corn that was fertilized grew 30% taller than the corn I forgot. I also prefer to cover my garden, I use the leaves that fall in my yard, rather than plant cover crops. That way next year I will be able to dig up the earth easily with a simple shovel and not have to use any gas powered machines. 🙂

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