A Canoe, a Rowboat and a Helicopter


Once there was a man who’d been stranded on the roof of his house after a flood. As the flood waters rose, he knelt to pray to God for rescue.

After a time a boy in a canoe came passing by. “Yo dude! Want a ride?” he yelled to the man.

The man shook his head, “God will rescue me,” and continued praying.


An hour later a woman came in a rowboat, “Hey there! Can I take you to shore?” she called.

“No thank, you.” The man on the roof replied, ” I have faith in God, he will rescue me.”

So the rowboat went on and the man resumed his prayers.


Two more hours passed, when the man heard the  chaka, chaka, chaka  of an approaching  helicopter. It came near and an officer leaned out of the side and threw down a rope ladder.  “Climb aboard, ” he shouted to the man.

But the stubborn man, he refused. “I am waiting for the Lord to save me.” After a bit the officer shrugged and the helicopter flew off.


The man continued praying, but after three more hours passed, his faith wavered. He got angrier and angrier until at last he burst out.”Lord why have you abandoned me?”

Suddenly a great voice burst from the heavens, ” I sent a canoe, a rowboat and a helicopter what more do you want?”


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