Blue Sky



The more doors seem to shut against me, the more I appreciate that, writing is my blue sky. This is where I fly.


It is easy to feel trapped, when you devote yourself to others. Invisible chains hold you fast to home to care for those in need, but still your spirit cries to find a way you can be freed.

It beckons like the blue sky to take you somewhere else. It calls you to lay down the burdens too heavy on your shoulders.

We all need a piece of sky where our souls are healed. For some it is in music sung through heartfelt tears, others a dance floor where we let go any fears, for me it is in stories, words that let me shed the worries of the last ten years.

Digital Camera
A Summer’s Blue Sky

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  1. A summer’s clear and sunny blue sky is always nice to look at. Good write-up 🙂

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