Why Truth is Stranger Than Fiction



Fact is stranger than fiction because like a grain of sand within an oyster, truth in its simplest form makes us uncomfortable. Like the mollusk we seek to make it soft and shiny, we coat truth within layer after layer of shiny lacquer to make it easier to accept. The naked truth is ugly but the clothed parable is beautiful. Thus was fiction born.

In the book Yoga’s Forgotten Foundations by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami the second yama is truthfulness, but the first yama is non-injury. In other words, the reader is urged to put telling the truth second to not hurting others. When others may be hurt by the truth the reader is urged to avoid telling the truth. Not to lie, but simply to avoid speaking of what is painful to others.

This is a strange concept for me and a challenge. The need to tell the truth has long been a driving motivation for me in my life, but it has also caused much trouble. I know that to learn to tell the truth without hurting those around me is part of why I am here. So far fiction seems the key. Those that are unready to accept the lesson can dismiss fiction as silliness. Those that are ready will feel the truth that is hidden.

Like the grain of sand within the pearl, they know without needing proof what is true.


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