The vision of a man chasing a woman with a knife and other people watching, popped into my head one fateful night in the autumn of 2000. The man was totally enraged, he meant to kill her. The woman was terrified, she was scared to death. The others looked surprised. I only saw it for a second, but somehow I knew that some sort of violent domestic assault would occur that night between midnight and dawn, on my street. I shook myself, wishing I hadn’t seen it. What can I do? I asked no one. I was alone that weekend. My children were with their father and an ex-boyfriend on mine kept calling, annoying me. He was drunk. It was the full moon and as I locked the front door before going to bed, I had thought to myself, there’s something in the air tonight. I wonder what else will happen?

It was one of those open ended questions, asked in my head without any expectation of having it answered. Every vision I have ever had was preceded by just such a question. Yet never before or since was a vision so clearly defined in my head as to time and place. If ever there was a moment to put my clairvoyance to use this was it.

Sit on the porch and watch. I heard it clearly in my head. How I wish I had done as I was told. Instead, I shook myself again, thought that’s silly what good would it do for me to spend the night sitting up on a cold porch. There were others in the vision, surely one of them would stand a better chance of saving that woman than I would. If it was true, if I wasn’t crazy, listening to voices in my head. That is what people call crazy. I am sick of being called crazy, etc.

Thus I talked myself out of believing the vision and voice. I climbed the stairs and went to bed. About five the next morning I was awoken by a scream such as I had never heard before. I lay there in the darkness, thinking a dog must have been hit by a car. No human throat could have made such an unearthly sound. A few minutes later the walls of my bedroom danced with the red and white lights of many police cars. At last, I put on a robe and went down to the front porch to see. The street was lined with police cars. A few houses down I could see a group of people near some bushes. There seemed to be something laying on the ground just beyond the bushes.

Things happened very quickly that morning, though at the time it seemed so slow, I wondered if the sun would ever rise. A woman was taken from a house on a stretcher, the white sheet that covered her had long red streaks of blood across it. She moved as they took her. I was confused, if she was alive, who was laying in the front yard?

A young man arrived at the scene on a bike and screamed as he dove at the figure on the ground. That was when a song started playing loudly in my head, over and over, “No one is alone.” (It wasn’t until some days later I realized it was a song from one of my favorite musicals, “Into the Woods.”)

Sometimes people leave you.

Halfway through the wood.

Others may deceive you.

You decide whats good.

You decide alone.

Several police officers held him back and tried to calm him down. After a while he quieted but didn’t leave, he paced back and forth. When he saw me standing on my porch, he asked to use my phone. I led him to it. After calling his family, he told me, “My brother is dead.”

But no one is alone.

Believe me,

No one is alone

Clumsily, I tried to console him, I told him I could hear a voice saying he was not alone. He gave me a funny look and left. Soon a car arrived with what looked to be more of his family, yelling and screaming in anguish. After the still figure, that lay beyond the bushes was taken away, they too left.

You move just a finger,

Say the slightest word,

Somethings bound to linger

Be heard

The police cars departed and the sun rose, but for at least a full day, I could not get the song to stop playing loudly in my head.

People make mistakes,

Holding to their own,

Thinking they’re alone.

The next day I bought a newspaper and read about the stabbing. The woman’s ex-husband had just gotten out of jail. He had lost his custody rights to their children, ( the little girls that just a few days before had played with kittens on my porch and invited my daughter to jump on their trampoline.) The ex-husband had waited in the darkness at her house until she had come home with her young boyfriend. He had tried to kill her but her boyfriend got in the way. Her boyfriend protected her and it cost him his life. She did get stabbed in the neck but her boyfriend had bought enough time for her to get to a neighbors, they called the police and the ex-husband ran off.

One another’s terrible mistakes.

Witches can be right, Giants can be good.

You decide what’s right you decide what’s good

Nobody can ever tell me if it would or wouldn’t have made a difference if I had listened to the voice and spent the night on my front porch. Our street is a dead end, so chances are all three people involved would have passed by my house. Would seeing me sitting there watching, with my big black dog, have made a difference? Would I have suddenly known what to do? I will never know. But those screams will always haunt me, a young mans life cut too short, because I didn’t have the faith to listen.

Things will come out right now.

We can make it so.

Someone is on your side

No one is alone.

(bits of  the lyrics from No One is Alone that still haunt me)


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  1. The Trail Provides Blog says:

    Reading this gave me goosebumps ! Trusting that little voice is hard but building a relationship with it is so rewarding isn’t it ? Light & Love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carolyne says:

    Thank you. Yes, it has taken many years for me to shake off the “your crazy” thoughts enough to trust the voice, but the magical way things fall into place when I listen to it is amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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