Yesterday at the Beach



Yesterday the sunshine made it warm enough to take my mother to the beach, but the lake shore breezes made it too chilly to stay.

Digital Camera
I told her the daily prompt was “Beach.”  She was glad  to pose for my blog.

My Kurdish friend gave me a ride there and was very happy to see she lived so close to the lake. “We must have a picnic, when the weather is warmer.” He told me.

Still he reminded me as he always does, that he doesn’t understand why my mother can’t come home for me to take care of every day. Why doesn’t  my family work together to help me with her? As always, I remind him that my family can’t work together like that.

I didn’t know it when my sons were little and I asked my family to help in doing therapy with my boys. For years I wondered why I got so little response, especially with so many teenage nephews and nieces.  But suddenly when I put out the call for assistance with Mom, unexpected problems popped up. Misunderstandings thirty years old explained the silence, some of the protective services calls and made it necessary to for her to leave her home.

Fortunately, my sisters and I were able to work together to find her a good place away from me and my children. She is content in her home near the lake, so long as I visit every week.


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