How Peace is Made


I asked again and again

this tricky question.

Why do some wars go on

without ever seeming to end?


Old blood” was the answer

but I could not understand.

Why would any ancestor

not want fighting to end?


Old blood” the voice repeated.

I tried to comprehend,

some families fearing change,

won’t let tradition bend.


Old blood remembers feuds.

Old blood remembers pain.

Old blood fears being forgotten,

in peace it sees no gain.


The world becomes so harsh

when there are too many rules.

They separate pure hearts

lovers, unable to choose.


When being together openly

is a joy not allowed.

Life’s true purpose becomes lost,

like the sun behind grey clouds.


Is there no answer?

I asked again and again.

The answer is a tricky one,

it requires great leaps of faith.”


New blood is how peace is made.

New blood heals old wounds.

New blood remembers the good,

and lets go the chains of hate.


This is how peace is made,

when my children can love

your children, and marry

in union blessed by God above.


Then my precious grandchildren

who carry my ancestor’s blood,

are your beloved grandchildren,

that carry your ancestor’s blood.


At last my purpose is yours,

and your purpose is mine,

our ancestors must help us

for all the rest of time.


Keeping our grandchildren

happy, healthy and free

in a world of loving peace

shall our united purpose be.

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