Posted in Poems, Spring 2016



Do not touch the street my boy

my sweetest runner child,

it will only hurt you dear

its bite is never mild.


If you leave the driveway

you are at the world’s mercy

It took you to the hospital once

but not for an emergency.


You were just yourself

but they didn’t comprehend.

By the time I saw you were missing

they had taken you in.


A sight I shall not forget,

you strapped in the stretcher,

physically you were fine,

but spitting like a viper.


Six strong men struggled

just to hold you still.

The doctor hesitating to treat

you, so against your will.


How glad they were to see me!

How quick you settled down!

Never happier to see mommy!

never happier to be found.


That was the last big wander

but I know the street still calls.

So sad the thing you love so much

holds the most danger of all.


Please my lovely runner boy

do not touch the street.

Stay with me in our sanctuary

only leave it in your sleep.



Carolyn E. Osiris = Openly seeking inquisitive, reverent, immortal souls. As a full time caretaker for my severely autistic son I don't get out much. That gives me all the more time for the journey inward towards self-realization. That's what I've been doing for most of my life really and the time has come for me to share.

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