Why Handwriting Has Power


Watching Anime´ (Japanese animation) I saw examples of using calligraphy to perform magic. Both Sailor Moon and Inuyasha have priests who by writing Kanji characters on paper could then use those papers to fight. I do think the hand written note, card and letters does carry more spiritual energy than that which is printed, copied or posted by machine.  Every person’s handwriting is different, suggesting that each letter carries the imprint of their individual soul.I often find hand written letters sent by my deceased grandparents in this house and I can feel their love when I hold them.

Last_DawnTwenty years ago, I didn’t want to write real life stories, real life was too painful for me. I wanted to write science-fiction. This is a hand-written page from my first story. It is about a father who refuses to kill his daughter, according to the traditional rituals of his culture. He accidentally sets off a chain of events destroying his civilization, but giving birth to three new civilizations in its place. Holding the page I remember how desperate I was to hold my own family together when I wrote it. 

Of course my best example of word magic is in my blog Red Letters, they were hand painted rather than hand written, but so is Japanese Calligraphy.

PS. This post is blue for Autism Awareness day.


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  1. I think I felt this way without realizing, until you put it into words. Thanks 🙂


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