Creativity Versus Copyrights

It’s a difficult subject. On one hand the artist who deserves recognition, not to mention money, for the work they do. On the other hand, how can you own an idea? In art history I learned that the early artist was employed for spiritual purposes. The sculptors and painters made works of art to please the spirits and teach rituals. The writers would have been speakers, reciting prayers and poetry for ritual and teaching. In each case their tribe would have given them food and shelter in return for their service.

In today’s world the artist has to become a salesmen/ lawyer to get paid. Yet to the spiritually devoted, self-promotion and legal technicalities are incompatible. Lucky are those who have promoters separate from themselves to help.

I struggled many years with this problem as I wrestled with wanting to share what I have learned. But I am no lawyer, nor salesperson, after eight years I realized the only choice I have is to share or not, to speak or be silent. Eventually I decided telling my story was more important than making sure I got paid. 

What it is worth depends less on me and more on you. True artists should be open and sensitive to the needs of the soul, to the spiritual and cultural needs of their community, but how can they when they are constantly pushed to be marketable, profitable? You can see the cost in movies and shows that are overdramatized or have unnecessary violence and sexual content put in just to sell it. Do you think it’s right to make artists sell themselves or is there a better way?



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