Blocks of blue ice, I knew they weren’t real. My mind had created them, to ease my discomfort at there being no ground, nor walls, nor ceiling. I was standing on ice, too blue and smooth to be natural. Otherwise, only mist surrounded me, mist and dead people hanging there, suspended just above the blue ice. Frigid cold it was. How was it misty yet so very very cold? I kept expecting the mist to freeze into ice, sleet or snow, maybe then I would be able to count the bodies, the dead if this fog would just go away. But it wouldn’t, it didn’t. It just hung there like the dead suspended, unmoving.

Even she didn’t move, the one who’d called me. She was an older woman, somewhere between forty and sixty. She wanted me to get a message to her daughter.

She’s waiting at the airport.

Airport, then you were in a plane crash?

Hope flared up, I was so tired of meeting dead people whose story I couldn’t verify, but plane crashes were often in the news.

Tell me where you died, I begged

Her head turned and looked at me with staring eyes. “Frozen,” she whispered. “Frozen on a plane.” The sentence seemed to echo around me, as if all the dead were saying it.

Okay, I thought. Your plane crashed somewhere and you froze to death, where did the plane crash?

She turned away, silent, but I could still hear a murmuring around me. “Frozen on an airplane.”

Alright, I tried to reason. If the plane crashed somewhere and they froze to death, then they probably were in some mountains and didn’t know there location. I tried again. “Where were you going? What mountain range did you pass over?” I looked around frustrated by the mist and blue ice. It didn’t look like anyplace on earth. In fact I couldn’t escape the eerie feel that we weren’t on earth at all. The woman didn’t answer, so I went up to another passenger to ask my question.

His visage frightened me. He looked so shocked, I could feel his terror. He wanted to move but couldn’t because he was frozen. His lips were blue. I started to shiver. All the others looked the same, blue lips, icy white skin and frozen terrified expressions. I couldn’t stop shivering.

“We didn’t land,” the woman finally got the words out. “We didn’t crash.”

“Wait,” I asked her, “you mean you froze to death, in an airplane, in the air?!?”

Almost imperceptibly, she nodded.

At the time, I had never heard of such a thing. The echos of “Frozen on an airplane,” began again around me. But now I just wanted it to end. I shut my eyes, shook my shivering head and asked her, “Please show me your daughter.”

As her daughters face formed in my mind, my body felt warm and stopped shivering. I opened my eyes and saw a woman worriedly looking out at an airport runway. It was so wonderfully warm there, and looked and felt like a real place, not middle eastern, but somewhere close. I sighed in relief. The woman looked at me but didn’t see me. Still, she could feel and hear my presence. Go ahead I told the dead mother. Her mother entered my astral body, and used my living energy to say good-bye to her daughter.

I don’t know why it works but it did work. Her daughter nodded in understanding, a tear spilling down her cheek. The mother passed on, peacefully. For a moment I wondered if I should try to help the others and shivered.

No, I never wanted to go back to that blue ice. I was worn out.

For years I remembered that dream and the voices saying “frozen on an airplane.” Then one day, years later, I heard a news story of an airplane where there had been some kind of leak or seemingly insignificant damage to the plane, but it had to do with cabin pressure. It had caused the plane to become icy cold in the air. It was Helios flight 522 and with all 121 killed, was the deadliest for Greek aviation.


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