What Can You Steal?

You shall not steal- Exodus 20:15

I was having trouble deciding how to approach this because in looking up the meaning of the word steal, I saw that it meant to take without permission or legal right without any intention of returning, and I had to think about what that really means. First there is taking without permission and that for me suffices for stealing. But legal right and without any intention of returning made me think of the Native Americans on whose land I live.

As far as I am concerned it is their land, still. I’ve asked the trees and the wind and the rocks and the dirt and they all tell me, it is so. The Native American spirit was so in tune with the land, they breathed as one. They are still as one, listen and you will hear the whispers.

Then yesterday in reading The Testimony of the Human Soul, I was reminded of why I had to start this blog when I did. As I wrote in Woman, God made it clear these continued sex crimes are extremely damning. But the truth is I have downplayed it because what I know is so controversial.

As sad as I feel for the victims of sex-slavery, I feel even worse for those who commit the crimes. I am a survivor of sex abuse, and I refuse to see myself as a victim. I know that no matter what has been done to my body, my soul remains whole.

The souls of the perpetrators are ripped, maimed and disfigured, and cannot begin to heal until they are forgiven by those they raped. I feel like the most effective way to stop these crimes is to publicize this fact. It is not worth your soul!

Sadly, in many countries, pornography is substituted for sex education. So to many it seems we glorify sex and condemn rape without admitting there is a connection. For example, one thing I have learned from my years of celibacy, is that my own culture sees celibacy as wrong and unhealthy? And I am a middle-aged woman! I feel truly sorry for all young men and women who are not fortunate enough to be blessed either with an equal and respectful intimate partnership or a deeply fulfilling spiritual awareness (as I have) but must chose between suffering the lonely ostracizing of a world that equates sex with happiness or worse being coerced into having sex in unequal and disrespectful situations. 

What does this have to do with stealing? Too many people think that once a woman has been raped her virtue has been stolen, she is damaged goods, forever crippled, and irreparable and would be better-off dead. I disagree, vehemently. No one can steal your virtue. However anytime a man or woman coerces another person to have sex against their wishes, they are surrendering their own virtue and one way or another will have to make amends.

Taking anything without giving back, is a spiritual impossibility. Everything that is taken must be paid for. Only that which is freely given can be freely taken, and enrich both giver and taker. It is not only true of those that give food and shelter but also of those that give pleasure.


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  1. Emily Brock says:

    Thank you. I have often pondered the problem of sexuality in our society. I think we need to get a better handle on the value and purpose of it. Maybe because it is considered “dirty/bad” we focus on it all the more. We hype it up so much in the movies and ads, but try to ignore it also, say it is bad. I think it needs more respect and acceptance so it can appear in a better form and not bleed out in these crazy forced forms. I am having trouble putting my thoughts into words, but I think our society needs a healthier relationship and acceptance of sexuality. Maybe it is like something that if you aren’t supposed to have it you want it all the more and end up “stealing” it, instead of accepting it and finding it in a supportive give and take way.

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  2. Carolyne says:

    Absolutely, we all want to feel whole. If we can’t find it spiritually, then we look for it physically. But truly equal respectful relationships are difficult especially when as you point out there is so much bad/ dirty stigma attached to it. It makes it hard to ask for help and advice when you need it most.


  3. Amra Ismail says:

    The way in which you’ve connected sexual abuse and stealing is very effective. Just because a person is raped it does not in anyway mean that his/her virtues are lost. However there are certain parts in society who believe in such fallacies. But hopefully with more education and rightful thinking such beliefs are being destroyed today. People sympathize with such people and help them cope with their condition, rather than corner them and stigmatize them. This may not be a “solution” but it is an effective way in battling “rapists”.

    Further with regards to what you’ve stated about victimization I should say that it’s all in the mind. Just because you were once a victim it does not mean that you should be branded thus forever. When you learn to outdo/ overpower the limitations of such words and emerge empowered, you’re no longer a victim, but a hero.


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