Threads of Life

Before meeting God in my dream, I was tested with untangling yarn. I was going from room to room looking for my boyfriend, when I came upon a chamber like no other. There were two women in the room. Immediately, I knew they were masters for they pulsated with spirit energy. As I bowed my head to them I saw that the chamber was circular and the walls glowed yellow. Shelves that reached up to a ceiling out of sight, were built into the walls all around. The floor was buried in yarns of many colors and kinds all hopelessly tangled. A young beautiful woman nodded from her work at a spinning wheel to one side, in front of her stood another woman who looked as old as time. To the other side of the room was a pair of wooden doors. Still wanting to find my boyfriend, I tried to go to the double doors.

What took you so long,” asked the old woman swiftly barring my way. “We’ve been waiting for you?” Impatiently she indicated all the yarn on the floor, “Get to work,” she insisted. Looking down at the mass of tangled yarn, I wondered if she wanted me to untangle it. That looked impossible. Even if it was possible, it would surely take days.

I can’t do that,” I told her.

If you can’t, no one can,” and as she said it her face became momentarily young and sad. She showed me her gnarled hands and I realized she was crippled. Looking to the girl at the spinning wheel, I saw she was too busy to help, for the wheel seemed to spin on its own.

Sighing, I reluctantly knelt and reached for the closest tangle. The moment I touched the threads of yarn, I saw a man’s whole life stretch out before me. Only I didn’t just see it, I felt myself live it with him. It was awesome. As I followed the threads of his life others wove about them, his parents, his daughters, they belonged, I left them where they were. There were others that intruded, material wealth, his career, men and women who tried to use him for their own purposes. I pulled at them gently and they fell away to nothingness. Even the woman who loved him, he had never fully trusted her or given of himself to her. Her threads fell away. When the man’s life ended, I looked in my hand and had a navy blue ball of yarn. The old woman took it between her fists and placed it on the shelf.

How long I spent there touching strands of yarn, living other’s lives and ending with different colored balls of yarn, I can’t guess. At first it felt like ages but when the last ball was taken and the floor was bare, it seemed like only a few moments since I entered the room. I looked up in amazement, all the shelves were full. Both women smiled and faded into nothingness. As they disappeared I thought I heard them say. “At long last . . .”

The wooden doors turned to gold and opened. I  walked through them into a blinding light.


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  1. Nicodemas says:

    Deeply beautiful.

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  2. Wonderfully inspired writing! This is the kind of dream I always hope for. One that reminds you of your deep connection to every soul that ever lived.

    Liked by 1 person

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