Pieces of Leisure

These are moments I must Treasure

your voice gives me such pleasure

so strong it sounds even at leisure

Listening to you read how to measure

medicine for high blood pressure

my heart is yours for certain

We met at the bus stop huddled under

standing close to escape the weather

as the rain fell ever faster

trying not to get any wetter

my heart awoke at your laughter

having forgotten love can be pleasure

Before that day I felt deader

than a corpse breathing never

I felt doomed alone to wander

each day a little sadder

a bouquet of tears did I gather

My heart is alive that is certain

Happiness is riding this bus together

looking down at abandoned papers

your eyelashes thick as black feathers

as you practice reading every letter

your English is getting much better

A precious gift, this moment of leisure

My soul flies like a bird

as I sit with you, a Kurd

my respect for you is assured

how did you survive and inure

yourself to so many murdered

a war so long, violence beyond measure

I know life is sure to sever

our differences push like a lever

they cause my hopes and heart to waver

though I want not to hurt you ever

no happiness lasts forever

love breaks often under pressure

I am certain too much pressure kills all pleasure

no matter the measure that we treasure.

Please enjoy these pieces of leisure


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