Why Heaven Needs Angels

I became a big watcher of shows on hauntings and other ghost stuff back at the beginning of the millennium. What I wanted was to know why I only dreamed about ghosts but didn’t see them when awake. Ghosts, I learned, would rather visit us in dreams. It is easier for them and it is less scary for us, so we listen better. It was watching those shows that I learned something that I did not expect. I learned why heaven needs angels and how spirit healers might save the world.

While most of the evidence in ghost stories is eyewitness testimony or reading of psychics, they also brought in some techno-savvy ghost hunters who would measure for magnetic anomalies. They had special cameras that caught electromagnetic images of floating orbs.

It was the electromagnetic orbs that set off a spark in my mind

You see I had also been looking up Edgar Cayce prophecies trying to figure out how to know if a prophetic dream was real and what to do with it. I came across one of his predictions that said the magnetic field that protects the earth from harmful radiation would weaken.

I didn’t need to look up why the magnetic field is important. I remembered from childhood , how similar Mars is to Earth. That if Mars had a magnetic field to protect it, life on Mars was likely. Mars lost its shield, no one knows how. It is also not known what causes our magnetic shield to fluctuate or weaken as it has. Most theories focus on the earth’s electrical currents at the core and it is being studied.

But what if those electromagnetic orbs had something to do with it? The image of angels in heaven, floating on clouds, looking down on their loved ones changes scope completely. I have been told that in Hindu philosophy, though the gods are awesomely powerful, they generally don’t bother with human affairs because they have far larger concerns like keeping the universe running. Maybe the reason the angels in heaven rarely visit is because they are busy protecting the earth from a solar wind that could wipe out the planet.

All of a sudden, I realized that helping those dead people I met in my dreams could be a lot more important than I had ever imagined. What if the reason the earth’s magnetic shield is so weak is because too many souls are earth bound? What if the earth’s core and the earth’s shield need balance to work? Balance is the key to life in Tao. But if the number of earth bound spirits is too many for spirit healers to free to maintain balance could that cause the weakening scientists have observed?

That was one of the many things I saw when I looked in His eye, its not enough to be a spirit healer myself. There are not enough of us. I was not sent to the buried metropolis in a dream to save the lives of those people. I was sent in that dream to prepare myself to gather millions of souls all at once, purify them and with the help of a typhoon arriving three days later to send them straight to heaven. Those millions sacrificed would save billions later, I had been told. Now it makes sense.

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