Free to Surrender

Once I dreamed I was being tested. I was given the task to stop a man from doing evil. A spirit at my side told me, I must stop this man or he would kill many. I looked down upon the man and saw that he was confused but I did not see evil in his heart, only confusion. I told the spirit, “I can not kill this man.”

“If you do not stop him, he will kill many.”

“But . . . if I kill him I will be evil.”

“If you kill him you will save many people”

“But . . . he is not evil yet, he is only confused.”

“Is your soul worth so much you would not risk it to save others?”

I looked and was afraid for I could see that as his confusion continued, his heart grew dark. Soon his heart would be beyond help. He held a gun in his hand and he ached to act out his pain. There was no more time to think. I flew closer and made myself visible to him. “Please stop, I don’t want to hurt you,” I begged.

Looking at me, his face became enraged, in his confusion I appeared as a monster. He fired the gun. The first two bullets I dodged easily but the third I could only get away from by warping the space in front of me, thickening it to slow the bullet. He prepared to send another bullet and I felt exhausted from warping space. This was doing no good, I realized and wondered if I should kill him now. This was proof he would kill others if not killed himself. But still I did not want to kill him, sorrow filled me and weighed me down. I have failed I thought.

He fired the fourth bullet but I did not avoid it instead I became solid and landed in front of him. It was instinctive, I would rather die than to have to kill him. It felt like giving up. The bullet entered my chest, I knew I would die now and accepted it. The blood pouring from my body appeased the demon that had possessed the man. Free, he saw what he had done. He felt shame at killing me.

He caught my body as I fell. The demon gone, he saw I was a young woman, in his arms. There was nothing he could do, he cried tears of remorse. But I opened my eyes and smiled. I knew I had succeeded after all. He was no longer in danger of being a mass murderer. I had allowed him to kill me of my own free will and I was an astral projection who can not die anyways.  I was no more than a vision or dream to him. So he was not a murderer at all. His soul had been saved. 

As I floated away, I knew I had passed the test. The spirit was gone, but I could feel someone else had been watching with approval.


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