Why I Believe in Astrology

We know that in ancient times the skies were studied to mark the passage of time. Calenders based on the sun and moon are still used today. It is my belief that in those prehistoric times, the beginning of astrology, people got to know each other better than today. After all back then they wouldn’t have had libraries full of books to lose themselves in, much less movies, and video games. They would have gotten to know each other with conversation, body language, playing games together and storytelling. People back then also would not spend as much time traveling to see the world. No, in the beginning most of humankind stayed home a lot or if they migrated then they traveled together as a clan or tribe. They watched the stars and they got to know not only each other quite well but they also had a lot of time to get to know themselves too. Ever spend a day alone doing nothing but manual labor? It gives you so much time to think about the really big questions.

I think some of our ancestors noticed that people born at the same time of year shared certain characteristics. As time went on and civilization grew, the knowledge was shared. Shamans , priestesses and priests became the highest of positions. The spiritual leaders needed to help people find their way and their optimal place in the group. They made studying different peoples personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, a serious profession. Eventually someone wrote it down and astrology was born.

Whether or not it is the stars or planets that affect us, I don’t know. For me that becomes irrelevant, due to my beliefs in a higher power, the collective unconscious and reincarnation.

I have often heard it said that the biggest problem with reincarnation is that the new self, having no memory of their earlier self, must start all over to discover our souls true destiny. But what if in between one life and the next a person was conscious of deciding the role they need to take, as is suggested in Brian L. Weiss’ book Many Lives Many Masters? If it is possible to choose, between lives, what your next necessary journey is and with whom you will take it, would you not choose to be born at a time that allowed you to find your path quicker through astrology?

As to that higher power, God, were not the births of both Moses and Jesus supposed to have been predicted by the stars. I think God wants to help all of us to find our own destiny. He above all else, knows the ways of the stars and planets well enough to see to it we are born when and where we are most needed.

I do not however feel that astrology is meant to be used to predict the future. The future is always changing, the best psychic can not see all. Every moment of everyday you have the power to divert the flow of fate and determine your own destiny. What I have found astrology most useful for is to get to know yourself and to understand the people around you. Many people give up because there are so many signs, planets and houses to learn. There is Western astrology (with Greek-Roman roots) which focuses on the individual character of a person and Eastern astrology (Chinese) which focuses on the role each person takes in a group (and recently I saw a chart which was new to me on my fellow blogger Vibrant‘s page which I am very curious about.)

But think about how complex the human psyche is, much less the immortal soul, and it’s no wonder astrology is so complicated.

(For a quick and easy “taste” of well done astrology, I recommend looking for“The Secret Language of Birthdays” by Gary Goldscheider and Joost Eiffers at your local library . Before my daughter found this resource at our library I had given up on astrology, it was too complicated, vague and contradictory. This book turned that all around for me. We bought the three volume set the Secret Language of Birthdays, Relationships, and Destiny and use them frequently when trying to understand the people around us.)



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  1. Vibrant says:

    I liked reading your interesting piece.

    Thanks for the kind mention.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  2. lovehappily says:

    Remarkable. I enjoyed the write-up from the beginning to the end. Understanding the people around us is very important for us to know who they really are. I believe that we cannot really predict the future by just reading the stars. God for me is the only future and in him we will know what’s next.

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