I asked God why he made me so weak and helpless and looking in his eye I knew in my heart why. He made me weak so I would be merciful. He made me helpless so I would be generous. Most important he made me a woman because he is enraged by the way women are being treated as sex objects.

What is the matter with these men who treat women as only flesh for pleasure? Don’t they know that any woman who is not protected by her family belongs to God? Who can imagine that every time a woman is violated He is not there. He is there. The equal partnership between man and woman is God’s gift to us that we may be closer to him for God is both male and female. The joining of man and woman is meant to be a sacred act to show thanks for the gift of life. Anytime force, deceit or coercion are used in sex the act is corrupted and darkness grows.

Jesus said, “Forgive them father for they know not what they do.” Well it is high time someone let them know what they are doing. Of all the things that make me ashamed that I have been afraid to tell people about this dream, it is the knowing that crimes against women continue to be committed by men who think they have the right. Some weeks ago I watched a documentary called “India’s Daughter.” It was very painful to watch and worse was the knowing that the unnatural rape occurred in December 2012, but I had the dream of God telling me to speak out for women in the fall of 2007, five years earlier. I am sorry.

What was most surprising in the documentary was how many men (and even one woman) blamed the girl, the victim. I had not realized how prevalent such ignorance is. One man said that it was the girl’s fault that she was so brutally murdered because she fought back. Others blamed the fact that she was out late at night with a man who was neither her husband nor her family member.

As to the lateness of the hour, it was established that the incident occurred at 9:30 as the couple travel home after watching a movie. If it had occurred after midnight, I might agree that the couple was out late but 9:30? As for the woman being out with a man who was not related and not her husband that is definitely an offense to God. If the woman had gone out without her family’s permission, then it could be argued that the woman was disobedient. Even then it would be her parent’s place to censure her not strangers on a bus. Also, if a family gives permission to a man to take a woman out then it doesn’t matter what his relationship to her is. He should be seen as acting in her family’s stead. To take a woman from a man whom her family has entrusted with her keeping is just as bad as taking her from her family. Lastly, from the moment those men forcibly separated that woman from her escort she became not India’s but God’s daughter and all the things they did to her God felt.

It is the place of men to protect the women that come in to their keeping whether they come by birth, marriage or fate makes no difference. Even if a woman is traveling late at night alone no man has the right to rape her, instead he has the opportunity to serve God by protecting and helping her should she ask for it. Any man who does so shall certainly be blessed.

I am sorry to know this happened. Yet I am grateful that the makers of this documentary brought this story to light. I was disappointed to read that the film was not shown in India and I would have those who oppose it know that I know it is no shame to India that this story happened there. These kinds of terrible things can happen anywhere and do happen almost everywhere. But I needed to hear this story to help give me the courage to write this. Thank you.


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